Tangier Day Trip – The important places you never want to miss in Tangier
Tangier day trip

Tangier has been a magnificent getaway of Africa – guarding the Strait of Gibraltar. It combines cultures and influences; which is unique in Morocco. Being carried a slightly seedy allure, Tangier always appeals eccentric foreigners, artists and nature enthusiasts. This city is recognized as a tactical getaway between Europe and Africa during the Phoenician era.

When planning a day trip to Tangier, there are so many places available for you to choose from. Here is our list of places you should visit in Tangier:

1. Kasbah –

The Kasbah is the place where the sultan lived; which dominates the northern section of Medina. The main gate of Kasbah opens into a large courtyard that takes you to the Dar el-Makhzem Palace and the modern day Kasbah Museum. However, the palace was built during the 17th century and was enlarged by every reigning sultan. In fact, the marble courtyard and carved wooden ceilings reflect the Moroccan craftwork intricacies.

2. The American Legation Museum

It’s unknown to many people that Morocco was the first country to identify the USA as an independent state just after the revolutionary war. Located in the bustling city of Medina, The American Legation Museum adds a foreign feel to the city. With its unusual 1940s vibe, this museum takes you back to different time. When you’re on a Tangier day trip, you should see the locally famous painting named as “Moroccan Mona Lisa”.

3. The Grand Socco –

The Grand Socco is the place where the old and new meet as well as where the wide road diverges into narrow cobbled streets. With a mosque and cinema on either side, this place stands out as the crossroads between the ages. However, you can spend your money at the traditional market selling a variety of kaftans, fresh foods, and dried nuts. Even, there is a central fountain – which makes it a perfect place to experience the meeting point of old and new eras.

4. Contemporary Art Museum –

The Contemporary Art Museum is dedicated to modern Moroccan art including the works by the famous artists around the country on show. Moreover, the grand old building of the gallery dates you to the 17th century. You’ll get to see peaceful gardens surrounding the museum – which makes the sightseeing attraction a relaxing respite to the bustle of city lifestyle.

With these beautiful attractions in Tangier, Tangiers and worldwide travelers enjoy visiting and traveling on vacation. Moreover, a playground of hustlers and hippies, it has completely cleaned up its act and offers incredible sightings as well as world-class tourism along with unforgettable amenities to experience.

Conclusion –

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