Before Visiting Morocco You Need To Keep A Few Things In Mind

Morocco vacations are always an ideal for any sort of traveler. The country has something to offer everybody. What is special about a Morocco vacation is that you can have the best of both worlds- the historic, ancient one, side by side with a modern, cosmopolitan one. You don’t have to travel far to get your fill of the past and present as almost each town has an old section, called the medina, and a new section. From lazing around the beach to exploring the massive expanse of the Sahara and fulfilling your shopping whims, Morocco has definitely a treasure or two for you to discover.

However, before visiting Morocco you need to keep a few things in mind such as:

Dress properly:

Overall, men can dress however they like, but females should dress more conservatively. Though you come across many travelers wearing whatever they wish, it’s recommended to cover up your body as much as probable to steer clear of unnecessary attention. When visiting mosques, you must cover your ankles and wrists. Wearing a light headscarf most especially in crowded places shows esteem towards Moroccan culture. Being a woman you want to keep a shawl/scarf handy during your Morocco vacation.

Currency & cost:

Most established stores will not have any problem in accepting credit card, but smaller markets, cabs and street vendors will not. So, be ready with local currency.

The Moroccan Dirham goes for approximately 9.6 Dirhams per 1 USD or ten for one euro.

Learn to bargain:

If you like street shopping or shopping in the medinas, you’ll need to learn to bargain. Haggle is a very important part of the Moroccan culture, and that applies for everything. In most grocery shops there are not price tags on the goods, you’ve to haggle even water. At the mobile stores, you also have to bargain the Internet price. Remember, with your bargaining skills you can avail items for at least 25 to fifty percent of the starting price. Know what you are ready to pay prior to you begin the bargaining process and walk out if you cannot get the deal you wish. The seller may call you back in multiple times.

Know what language the Moroccans speaks?

Moroccans speak a mixture of Berber, Arabic, English, and French. You will be all right with English in the majority of larger cities; however you will possibly require a translator in the rural regions of the country.

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