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7-Day Imperial Cities Tour: The Perfect Small Group Adventure from Casablanca. Morocco is a country that is steeped in rich history and culture, with a plethora of breathtaking landscapes, stunning architecture, and bustling cities. For those who want to experience the very best of what Morocco has to offer, the 7-Day Imperial Cities Tour is

Rabat now has several art galleries and art spaces supported by private foundations. Art is also available in large format, thanks to graffiti artists, invited each year to express themselves on the walls of the capital. Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art  In 2014, the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Morocco vacations are always an ideal for any sort of traveler. The country has something to offer everybody. What is special about a Morocco vacation is that you can have the best of both worlds- the historic, ancient one, side by side with a modern, cosmopolitan one. You don’t have to travel far to get

Discover Morocco Tomorrow with Us! As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Pure Morocco have temporarily suspended all small groups, short breaks, city tours, and tailor-made Moroccan tours. We will return as soon as possible with even more strength and the best packages to visit our beautiful North African country known for its

Rabat – Morocco’s capital is the home to the country’s most magnificent museum, the Royal Palace, the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, and the spectacular historical sightseeing attractions. Based on the Atlantic Ocean, with the Bou Regreg River running towards the west and separating from its sister city Sale, Rabat is a lovely place for your

Introducing Casablanca – Casablanca, a well-known commercial hub in Morocco, deserves to be on traveler’s bucket list after Marrakech and Rabat. The city boasts the French colonial legacy along with the traditional Arabian culture, making for lots of things to do and see. Alongside the art deco buildings and old stone medina alleys, you can

On the off chance that you are visiting Morocco on a cruise, at that point, you likely will get off the ship and explore this fascinating nation on the bank of Northern Africa. There are a few quality shore outings offered by the different cruise lines that sail to this region of the world. We

There are numerous yet exciting day trips to consider while you find a little time to spare. El Jadida day trip is something special that makes you come across El Jadida and many exciting places near to it. Our operators will help clients customize an inspirational El Jadida day Trip. We make your journey much exciting

Planificar su primer viaje al extranjero, o cualquier otro, puede resultar abrumador. ¿Está preparando su próximo viaje a Marruecos? Dónde empezar y terminar el viaje, cómo desplazarse y cuánto va a costar son sólo algunas de las preguntas que hacen brotar su planificación y mentalidad. ¿Qué hacer si se dispone de poco tiempo? ¿Tiene con

Die Planung Ihrer ersten oder jeder anderen Auslandsreise kann überwältigend sein. Bereiten Sie sich auf Ihre bevorstehende Reise nach Marokko vor? Wo soll die Reise beginnen und enden, wie kann man sich fortbewegen, und was wird sie kosten – das sind nur einige der Fragen, die Ihre Planung und Ihr Denken beeinflussen. Was tun, wenn

Planning your first or any trip abroad can be overwhelming.  Are you preparing for your upcoming journey to Morocco? Where to start and end up your trip, how to get around, and what it’s going to cost are just a few of the questions that spring your planning and mentality. What to do if you

Einige Menschen reisen, um zu schätzen, andere, um zu entdecken. Wenn Sie ohne Bedenken das Gefühl haben, dass Sie zu den Menschen gehören, die unter beide Kategorien fallen, dann ist es an der Zeit, dass Sie Marokko auf Ihre Liste der Urlaubsziele setzen! Abgesehen von den wahrscheinlich besten Orten, die man in Marokko besuchen kann,

A few people travel to appreciate, and some to explore. If with no misgivings, you feel you are the person who falls under both the categories, at that point it is time you put Morocco on your list of vacation destination! Aside from probably the best places to visit in Morocco, the nation likewise rises

Что является столицей Марокко? Многие считают, что столицей страны является Касабланка, но на самом деле столицей является Рабат. В 1912 году, с началом французского протектората Марокко, власти перенесли столицу из Феса в Рабат. В 1956 году, после обретения свободы, столица осталась прежней. Рабат не находится на радаре путешественников, однако есть много причин включить его в