The Places and Food That Make Morocco Shore Excursions Ideal
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On the off chance that you are visiting Morocco on a cruise, at that point, you likely will get off the ship and explore this fascinating nation on the bank of Northern Africa. There are a few quality shore outings offered by the different cruise lines that sail to this region of the world. We at Pure Morocco Tours & Travel get ready energizing Morocco shore excursions for guests who need to get a look at the way of life, sites and experiences of Morocco.

Let us have a look at some of the places that you can visit along with our local guides.


How, about we start with the capital. Like most capital urban communities, Rabat is a well-known traveler destination. It has two unmistakable fundamental areas: the New Town and the Old Town. The New Town is the ideal spot to do some shopping and appreciate the warm climate at the city’s outdoors bars and bistros.

For a busier and progressively historical vibe, the Old Town has many normal Moroccan souks and is an extraordinary spot to explore, locate some astounding deals and watch the old-fashioned people of Morocco.


Casablanca is the biggest city in Morocco and one of the most fascinating ports of call for your cruise. This city is an incredibly famous place for commerce, and no place is this reality as clear than the central market. We can plan a Casablanca exploration journey and you can spend time in this gigantic market in the city where you will discover local artifacts, flavors, meats, flowers and vegetables, just as a horde of fascinating people to blend with. The Arab-Islamic design makes The Habous Quarter of Casablanca famous, and the trip proceeds to the coastline resort of Ain Diab and a visit to the Hassan II Great Mosque, the second biggest strict landmark after Mecca.

Our guides are ever prepared to explain to you the significance of the places that you visit. So, you will have a proper understanding of the places along with the cultural background and history.


For a throughout the day experience, if your cruise schedule allows it, we can make a trip into Marrakesh. This is the second biggest city in Morocco. During Marrakech excursion from Casablanca, you will encounter the living testimony of the lines of days gone by, with its compositional fortunes manifesting all the magnificence of the Orient. Marrakech is at present a blend of innovation and authenticity.

The visit of the Bahia Palace, a stunning sight, enables you to value the best of the customary Moroccan workmanship. The immense maze of rooms and patios, the Bahia Palace dates from the 19 century. This Palace of the Beauty uncovers the name of the most loved of vizir Ba Hamed, who was the genuine ace of Morocco, from 1894 to 1900. This gigantic living arrangement housed the inhabitant General under the French Protectorate.

The Gardens of French painter; Jacques Majorelle are a spot with hues, particularly with the well-known “Majorelle blue” and the luxurious vegetation.


In the event that your cruise docks in Tangier, you can take a half-day trip to see the best of what this shoreline city brings to the table. Our half-day tour through Tangier visits Hercules Cave, where local people say Hercules once rested, and the lighthouse at Cap Spartel simply outside the city. During this visit you can likewise visit the Casbah district, the old Medina the Grand Socco, the Mendoubia Park, the Petit Socco and more!


Where the Souss River streams into the Atlantic Ocean, the beachfront city of Agadir is a prominent wintertime traveler stop for cruise ships. This city at the foot of the Atlas Mountains has great seashores, and the climate is regularly bright and warm. An outing with us takes you from your ship on a half-day trip around Agadir, Kabah and the nearby souks. Visit the seashores of Agadir and afterward proceed onward to The Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions, the Swiss district, the main shopping area, the carpet factory and the artisans’ district where you will have the chance to watch the artistry of lace making, embroidery, leatherwork and wood.


This community in the Rif Mountains is acclaimed for its interesting blue-painted houses, which give it a determinedly strange look and feel. In case you are hoping to explore the natural side of Morocco from a cultivated base, Chefchaouen is the ideal spot to do as such. You will have a perspective on the mountains from the finish of practically every road, except if that is not sufficient, you can likewise go climbing or wild-swimming close by.

Food not to miss while in Morocco 

Are visiting these places end your exploration of Morocco? If you have such a notion then you are wrong in assuming such. From the conventional fiery and tangy taste to the trademark sugary and minty kinds of probably the tastiest nourishments, Moroccan Cuisine has a worldwide prominence. If you are a vacationer hoping to get the best out of your outing to Morocco, restaurant alternatives are perpetual.

While you can pursue the more respectable option and go through some cash at an extravagant eatery that serves a satisfying 3-course dinner, we as local people recommend that the genuine taste of Morocco lies somewhere else. There is a motivation behind why local people and crowds of vacationers who cannot get enough of the customary Moroccan flavors throng the clamoring Medina constantly. Genuinely, the flavor of Morocco lies in the road nourishment that many have never attempted.

The Top 5 nourishments that are an absolute necessity have during your outing to the Kingdom are:


Thought about one of the most extravagant dishes in the nation, Bastilla may take some time to become acclimated to from the outset. This Moroccan’s delicacy is a blend of numerous sweet and appetizing fixings giving it the mark domed look. A Bastilla has various layers of baked goods outwardly, with a sweet and hot filling made with pigeon meat frequently supplanted with chicken, eggs and almonds. The enlivening tidying of powdered sugar on top makes it as wonderful as it is delectable.

As a convention, Bastilla is an appetizer, nevertheless, in the event that you are new to substantial and rich nourishments, it likely could be the greatest serving of hors d’oeuvre you have ever had.


Tagine is a customary stew of delicate vegetables, meat, olives, and dried fruits and lemons. To breathe life into the kind of Moroccan flavors, the cooking of Tagine happens in Terracotta Cookware for extended periods. The ideal approach to make this stew brimming with flavor is to slow-cook it in a low and wide pot with a cover.

On the off chance, that you need to do what the Moroccans do, plunge thick bits of bread, called Khobz, in the Tagine to absorb every one of the flavors before you drink the stew.


In the event that you are a Couscous fan, you have Moroccans to thank. This entrée is one of the most well-known ones in the nation and individuals genuinely realize how to appreciate it. One visit to the Medina and you will see individuals eating Couscous with a side of meat and vegetable with their right hand! Rich with Moroccan flavors and heaped with steaming vegetables, Couscous is a darling dish for guests and local people the same.

While you may periodically discover this dish in numerous innovative families back home, for local people in Morocco, the Couscous is an unequivocal nearness at each evening gathering.


A tasty soup made with tomatoes, chickpeas, lentils, onions and a mix of Moroccan flavors, the Harira will be your preferred hors d’oeuvre all through the excursion. Sloppy in shading, however stunning in taste, Harira is one of those fiery dishes, which will help you to remember Morocco for eternity.

Harira is regularly delighted with hard-boiled eggs and a bit of thick bread. It is perfect to have it on a chilly night just before the Moroccan midnight celebrations.


Shaped like a flower, fried sesame treats, Shebakia is an unequaled most loved Moroccan desert. Generally eaten during Ramadan, when Muslims fast from dawn to nightfall, Shebakia is an unquestionable requirement has for each visitor who visits this piece of the world.

So, please find here some of our Morocco Vacation Packages that we can tailor-lade to your needs and preferences, when you wish to visit these places and taste these Moroccan delicacies. If you want to know more then you can call us at WhatsApp contact +212661979272 and email to

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