Getting the Most out of Casablanca City Tours

Casablanca is famed for its art deco buildings, old medina, and of course, a very well-known movie. Admittedly, it’s a more modern city than you may expect from your black and white fantasies.

Casablanca is still a place where you want to linger and discover the modern side of Morocco. You can spend your day wandering around the city walls, checking out the old and new medina, discovering the beach, and chilling out with a mint tea in a café. You’ll fall in love with Moroccan lifestyle and want to play it again on the next day.

Chances are Casablanca isn’t going to meet the romantic expectations of Hollywood. As the largest Moroccan city, it’s the place where you will get to know the history, culture, and inhabitants of Morocco. Casablanca is a great, centrally-located destination for adventuring down the coast.

Hassan II Mosque – Emerging from the Atlantic coast, Hassan II Mosque is the largest mosque in Morocco that features the largest minaret around the world. You should book ahead your Casablanca city tours to see the most out of Hassan II Mosque.

Casablanca Cathedral – Walking around Casablanca Cathedral – the beautiful Cathedral Church in the Muslin city of Casablanca is truly an experience to remember. You can check out the schedule to see whether there are gallery shows.

Central Market – When you are in Central Market on Casablanca city tours, you can try out the olives from the local vendors, find a bottle of Argon oil to bring home, pick up some fresh fruits and nuts to get through the week. You can enjoy taking a bite out of the locality.

Rabat –
Rabat is Morocco’s administrative and political capital city and is one of the top-rated tourist attractions. This city compensates with a plenty of charm. The boulevards are well-kept, clean, and relatively free of traffic – a blissful relief for those who have spent time in Casablanca. Above all, Rabat is a perfect choice for a short stopover while visiting Morocco during vacations.

El Jadida –El Jadida – a Portuguese city of Morocco is second to none. Visiting there is an amazing experience of cultural influence and exchange point between Europe and Morocco.

Safi –Are you craving more adventure? Book a car rental and head three hours south to the seaside city of Safi. Safi is famed for its incredible fish market and artisanal pottery.

Azemmour–You can swing through Azemmour coastal city on the way down. It’s the most reclusive one and its views from the top of the whitewashed cliffs are well-worth the afternoon.

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