Reasons, Why Casablanca Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Travel enthusiasts love to make their trip to Casablanca. Due to its breath-taking scenes, architecture and culture, this iconic city attracts millions of tourists from each corner of the globe. It is known as the sixth biggest city in the entire Africa continent.  Plus, this is the economic capital of Morocco and a number of international business institutions have established their headquarters in this city. Today, this city is considered as one of the modern cities in the world. Therefore, Casablanca has become the point of attraction. Here you can find people from different cultural and geographical backgrounds. This is the home of Morocco’s signature art including Art Noveau, Art Deco, Mauresque and Avant.

Here are some must visit places in Casablanca

Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque is the is the largest mosque in Morocco and seventh largest in entire world. It has capacity to host twenty five thousands of devotee in its hall and almost eighty thousands of worshippers will be easily accommodate at its courtyard. All most eight hundred million dollars have spent to build this masterpiece and it is considered as the second largest religious building in the entire planet. Most of the essential part of this mosque including minaret, royal doors and dome, are made from marble. Its breath-taking view is truly unforgettable in life.

The Habous Quarter

Located near the Royal Palace of Mrocco, The Habous Quarter is one of the oldest sections of Casablanca. Featured with its distinctive architecture and outlines, the design of the district followed the lines of the ancient quarters like these in Fes and Marrakesh. It  is also famous for selling the traditional Moroccan goods including leather, silver, copper pieces, wood products and beautifully handmade carpets. If you want to get firsthand experience of Moroccan culture, you shouldn’t miss visiting this iconic place.

The Museum of Abdel Rahman El Sellawy

If you want to explore the history of Morocco, never forget to visit The Museum of Abdel Rahman El Sellawy. This museum displays a large number of exhibits including antiques, portraits and much more. The mosque was named after the famous Moroccan traveler who was born in 1919 and has transformed to museum.

The Jewish Museum

If you love to explore different religious group and their existence, The Jewish Museum is the finest place to go for. This is the largest in the entire Arab world and illustrates the life of the Jews in Northern Africa. Occupying surface area more than seven hundred square meters, the museum displays many sculptures, portraits and photographs. This museum is addition to three rooms those are specified to illustrate the religious and family life of Jews in different part of history. This museum is not so old and it has established in 1997. Its significant design attracts thousands of tourists every year and without paying a visit to this iconic place, your tour to Casablanca can’t be completed. This museum not only satisfy your passion to know the religious existence but also fill your with excitement. Never drop a chance to witness this magnificent monument dedicated to Jews.

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