The souvenirs that need collection during Agadir shore excursion
Agadir Half Day City Tour

Agadir is one of Morocco’s most popular attractions. Wander through its animated port where local anglers come to sell their catch.

Agadir Shore Excursion conducted by us will let you learn more about its history by visiting the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions where you will have the chance to see some old Berber jewelry, pottery, rugs, wood and other objects. You definitely would love to carry back some souvenirs, which will make you remember about the pleasant and comfortable Agadir City Tours that you had with us.

Agadir is incredibly famous for its crafted works: high-quality soaps, woven bins, conventional carpets, leatherwork, and more. In case you are arranging to have Agadir Shore Excursion with us, you will have the chance to be at the main shopping area, the carpet factory and the artisans’ district. Here you will have the chance to buy the best of souvenirs that you desire to have.

The things that you need to buy

Leather Goods

In the event that you visit the city of Agadir, you may have the opportunity to see the tanneries and leather coloring pits. The tanneries here have been creating quality leather products since the Middle Ages, utilizing a considerable lot of similar methods for a considerable length of time. All through a city as you be a part of our Agadir City Tours, you can discover an assortment of leather merchandise, from satchels to shoes to customary shoes known as babouche or belgha, on offer. Appreciate perusing, and you will unquestionably discover a thing that entices you.

Argan oil products

Agadir is legitimately well known for its argan trees, which develop in the southwest of the nation. The parts of this tree can be utilized to make argan oil, which has both culinary and corrective purposes. This regular plant oil is a genius fixing in extravagance hair and skin items. The Agadir Shore Excursion will give you a chance to have such oils as souvenirs.

Tea sets

You may have heard that Moroccans truly love their mint tea—and it is valid! Agadir Shore Excursion is relatively sure to include tasting a cup or two. Bring a little bit of this Moroccan custom home with you as a teakettle and coordinating teacups. These delightful tea sets are frequently embellished by hand.

Berber baskets and jewelry

These vivid woven crates are generally utilized out in the Sahara Desert. You may likewise see that your inn or riad utilizes these crates as platters and dishes. Berber containers come in a wide range of sizes, styles, hues, and examples. Why bring one home? Since they join shape with capacity, making for the wonderful home stylistic theme while likewise filling a reasonable need. Our Agadir Shore Excursion will give you the chance to visit places in Agadir where these baskets and jewelry are made.