Agadir At Night – 4 Best Things To Do
Agadir City Tour

No doubt the city of Agadir is known to enjoy 300 days of splendid sunshine which are preferable for different outdoor activities, but there’s still plenty of fun to be relished when the sun sets. The ambiance of this beautiful city is as dynamic as it is throughout the day. Let’s talk about some of the night time activities that you shouldn’t miss during your Agadir city tour.

For beautiful sunset vistas drive to the Kasbah:

Constructed in 1541 the Kasbah is a string of great fortifications. From the top of the hill where the Kasbah lies, you can witness how Agadir stretches from the solid forests to the radiant golden sand beaches. The scenery is even more remarkable as the sun commences to set over the Atlantic & the lights start to spread throughout the city.

Check out La Scala to feast on appetizing seafood:

Agadir is situated on the Atlantic coast, which entails that there’re ample opportunities to savor fresh seafood at any local eatery. And La Scala is definitely one of those eateries. Here classic French flavors can be enjoyed with the fresh catches of the day. The Typical Moroccan fare is also available at this popular restaurant. Regardless of what dish you select, it’s certain to be appetizing.

Dance away the whole night at clubs like Papagayo:

When your mood strikes to hit the dance floor, Papagayo is the nightclub to check-in. Known as one of the finest nightclubs in Agadir, the party in this club happens until the morning. The DJs always play the best music, so everyone will have a blast.

The So Night Lounge is yet another popular nightclubbing option to spend the whole night partying. The champagne & vodka bars of this nightclub is simply unbelievable. Though the drinks can be a bit costly, local DJs and artists keep music pouring the whole night for an exceptional evening out.

Discover the city by the ocean:

The Atlantic Palace Casino is one the key place to visit for sure when present in Agadir. Even during the evening, the tranquil ocean lifestyle enthralls you at every turn.

Feel the gentle breeze from the waves when you walk through the palm tree-fringed avenues. Spoil yourself with unbelievably fresh seafood when you get into any of the amazing restaurants of the city. The attractions of Agadir are certainly endless.

Experiencing the nightlife of a new place is certainly a must-try. Fortunately, you won’t need to spend thousands of bucks to experience great nightlife in Agadir. For an unforgettable Agadir City Tour, or visiting the surrounding, please feel free to contact the Pure Morocco Team vis Whatsapp or Phone +212661979272.