What are the Best Things to Do in Casablanca?
Casablanca Shore Excursion

Introducing Casablanca –

Casablanca, a well-known commercial hub in Morocco, deserves to be on traveler’s bucket list after Marrakech and Rabat. The city boasts the French colonial legacy along with the traditional Arabian culture, making for lots of things to do and see. Alongside the art deco buildings and old stone medina alleys, you can find museums, palaces, and the second-largest mosque around the world.

Here are a few best places to visit in Casablanca and you can consider adding them to the bucket list of Casablanca city tours:

Hassan II Mosque

The iconic Hassan II Mosque is the second largest mosque around the world, and one of the few opens to non-Muslim visitors through the chosen guided tour opportunities lasting around an hour each. The gigantic mosque is completed in 1993 and based on a platform overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

This holy mosque can accommodate around 25,000 worshippers and allows Muslims to pray on a glass floor, which seems like an exceptional feeling of praying directly over the sea. Everyone feels welcomed to admire the spectacular piece of art at any time from the spacious courtyard, as it can accommodate around 80,000 people comfortably.

La Corniche

La Corniche is a beachfront district offering enormous dining opportunities, accessibilities to pools as well as the beach. This area can be brimming with surfing enthusiasts, swimmers, and sunbathers during summer. La Corniche offers a less traditional and more vacation escape in Morocco. With plentiful entertainment options, you will get a chance to take a relaxing walk on the beach or even a refreshing dip in the sea, if you want to dare yourself.

Morocco Mall

Morocco Mall is one of the biggest shopping centers throughout Africa, located at the end of the La Corniche area. This a modern home offering enough chances to entertain anyone from couples to families for the entire day.

With an extensive range of shops – from H&M to Dior and food options, Morocco Mall stands out as a home to an indoor aquarium, featuring a small shark, a fountain display in the outside, indoor ice skating and an indoor fairground. This means everyone finds something for them in Morocco Mall. For a traditional taste of Morocco, there’s an indoor souk (market). Otherwise, you should leave the traditional shopping to the Old Medina.

Old Medina

The old part of town is quite easy to pass by in Casablanca. You might be tempted to head straight to the seaside to visit the Hassan II Mosque and the beach area. However, discover the hidden charms behind the old city walls is a must on Casablanca city tours.

With its specific labyrinth style character, getting lost there is easy; but with a bit caution, it can be hidden beauty in itself. You will experience the pace of daily life with kids running in the narrow streets and join shoppers on the search of traditional treasures and find the little sights that remain inside the medina like the Berber Mosque.

Moroccan Judaism Museum

Moroccan Judaism Museum is the only Jewish museum around the Arab world. This museum offers a better insight into the religion, history, traditions, and lifestyle of Jews in Moroccan civilization. The museum presents exhibition rooms comprising of paintings, ornaments, clothes, and a complete display of Moroccan synagogues. The Moroccan Judaism Museum demonstrates the Jewish influence on Moroccan society and highlights the interfaith coexistence in the Moroccan civilization.

Bottom Line –

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