Explore the Best of Agadir with Our Half Day Shore Excursion
Agadir Shore Excursion

Are you thinking of exploring Agadir? Want to know more about the history, traditions, and everything that makes it one of the most popular attractions of Morocco? Then the half-day Agadir Shore Excursion that we provide at PUREMOROCCO Tours & Travel is the best way out! Let us make you understand what Agadir has to offer you in brief.

Agadir with its busy port and an expansive beach resort underneath its Kasbah was completely rebuilt after being devastated due to an earthquake in 1960. Today’s Agadir is an absolute gem on the coastline of Morocco. This city has been designed keeping the visitors in mind, and the open streets, palm-fringed drives and the bright white buildings are the proof to that! What attract people from all over the world to Agadir are its most beautiful beaches, 300 days sunshine, vibrant pubs, and delicious pizza!

What our Agadir Shore Excursion is All About?

The half-day Agadir shore excursion that begins from the Agadir port includes:

Kasbah of Agadir –

The major historical attraction of the Kasbah of Agadir is its massive walls and the gateway. The Kasbah was built in the mid-16th century that once accommodated a bustling population within its walls. The hillside position of the Kasbah offers magnificent panoramic views across Agadir and the Atlantic coastline. This place offers the best photographic conditions in the late afternoon.

Visit the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions –

Also known as the Berber Museum or the Musee du Patrimoine Amazigh d’Agadir, this museum is dedicated to the preservation and showcasing of the local Amazigh culture. You will be able to peek into the rich traditions of the locals. The exhibits here include dazzling Berber jewelry, clothing, pottery, lamps, textiles, tools and art.

The Swiss District –

The Swiss district is a marvelous place within Agadir that is located among the spectacular sandy beaches, desert landscapes and striking rock formations. It is the oldest villa neighborhood of the Agadir city.

Besides these three our Agadir shore excursion includes the visit to the main shopping area, the carpet factory and the artisan’s district where you will get an opportunity to attend the demonstrations of lace making, embroidery, and wood.

Also, if time permits we will make you visit the souks. The best local market for buying souvenirs and getting a glimpse of the local trade is Souk El-Had (or the Sunday Market) which is a large souk with about 6000 stalls. This souk is famous for its Argan Oil products. You can also find the best traditional Moroccan items such as clothing, footwear, pottery, rugs, carpets and more here.

So are you interested in taking up this exciting half day shore excursion in Agadir with us? Then contact us today at +212537699090 or email us at contact@puremoroccotours.com