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What is the capital of Morocco? Numerous individuals trust its Casablanca yet in truth Rabat is the capital. In 1912 with the start of the French protectorate of Morocco, the authorities moved the capital from Fez to Rabat. In 1956 after freedom, the capital was the same. Rabat is not on the traveler radar yet there are many motivations to incorporate it on your rundown. We as of late went to explore the best of Rabat to enable you to design your visit! The Rabat day Trip from Casablanca is the best idea to have a perfect exploration.

How to reach Rabat

Morocco’s significant airport is in Casablanca anyway; there is a Rabat airport. Most flights that confer here are either domestic or limited flights from Europe. Odds are you will confer in Rabat from a land passage; train, transport, or vehicle. Which you pick may rely upon the financial plan and your preferred means of travel in Morocco.

To get from Rabat to Casablanca or the other way around the most straightforward choice is likely the train. There are three train stations in Casablanca that can be your beginning stage to achieve Rabat. They are Casa Oasis, Casa Voyageur, and Casa Port. Casa Oasis is the main train station in case you are taking the train from Casablanca airport to the city. From here, you would change trains, coming to Casa Voyageur as the second station and forward to Rabat. You will need to purchase a ticket that takes you to Rabat Ville, the central train station in Rabat if you are leaving from the city of Casablanca head to Casa Port station, where there are customary passenger trains to Rabat departing twice 60 minutes.

A second choice to reach Rabat is to utilize the transport framework. Not all towns will have transports to Rabat, as they endeavor to achieve places where there is restricted train administration to give another alternative. You may need to utilize the public transport framework. These transports leave from the principle bus depot in every city. The calendars can be sporadic, and transports packed. Anyway, they are cheap.

A third choice to reach Rabat is via car. You can purchase a seat in a taxi, or you can enlist a driver to take you in private. The hotels typically have direct contact with drivers or taxicabs that you can utilize to take you to your goal. This is frequently the quickest method to travel anyway; it is likewise the most costly.

In another way, if you have a booking in any of the Rabat day Trip from Casablanca, the tour operator will arrange for your transportation and you need not worry about it. The journey you will have is safe and comfortable.

Moving around in Rabat

The Rabat cable car Rabat-Sale tramway makes getting around the city simple. The well-maintained framework utilized by many individuals is clean and will get you to practically all the notable attractions. There are ticket booths at most stops with specialists who talk some dimension of English and can help.

There are just two lines; Line 1 and Line 2 making it simple to explore. Service runs at regular intervals.
In case you are remaining in close-by Sale, on the opposite side of the Bou Regreg waterway or merely need to, visit you can likewise take a dhow vessel. Before the bridges, this was the best approach to get over. Regardless of whether it is a more significant amount of an experience than a transportation alternative you can imagine you are a river pirate for a brief period!

Rabat and Sale are two distinct urban areas, anyway after some time they have nearly turned out to be one. Sale lies on the right bank of the Bou Regreg River while Rabat is on the left. Sale was an autonomous republic and home to the well-known Sale Rovers until the seventeenth century when it turned out to be a piece of Morocco.

How to enjoy in Rabat

As you have chosen to visit Rabat, at that point, you are most likely pondering what is there to see and do. We have picked only some must-see Rabat attractions here to consider. However, there are numerous others.

Hassan Tower

The first run Rabat turned into the capital of Morocco was in the twelfth century. At that point, ruler Yaqub al-Mansour embraced a task to errect what might be the biggest mosque in the whole world. Nevertheless, he died before the structure was finished and work deserted. In 2012, UNESCO declared the ruins as the heritage status. Guests can go without much of a stretch stroll around them today. Adjacent is the tomb of Mohamed V, Morocco’s first post-freedom ruler. It is also the burial place of Hassan II and his sibling Prince Abdallah. It is conceivable to visit the inside of the sepulcher.

The Chellah, Rabat

Outside the downtown area, you will discover the Chellah and it is here that early pioneers made their base in Morocco. The Phoenicians and Romans were here and the vestiges recount to this story. Later the Berber rulers the Almohads utilized the overwhelming structure as a regal cemetery. A mosque was later included just as other building subtleties of the medieval times. In 1755, the seismic tremor that shook Lisbon had its effect here also causing a great deal of harm. Today, it is straightforward to visit the remnants and stroll around. Consistently the Chellah Jazz Festival is held in the vestiges which make for an extremely one of a kind show occasion.

Medina of Rabat

The medina and Kasbah of Rabat are two different territories yet associated. While quite a bit of Rabat is incredibly contemporary, home to foreign offices, the medina still has notices of another sort of life. The medina here is not like the medinas of Marrakech or Fez, it is smaller and you will likely observe not many visitors. One unique thing to think about searching out is a Rabati rug. The most usual style is a red mat, with a square shape design. The trimming of the red in the middle make it unique. The borders are of different colors. These unique rugs look considerably more like a Turkish or Persian floor covering than the more dynamic mats of the mountain clans.

Kasbah of the Udayas

You have likely known about Morocco’s celebrated blue city now however did you realize Rabat has its small blue city. The Kasbah of the Udayas was worked in the eleventh century and has been reliably occupied from that point forward. Meander the avenues or sit in one of the bistros on the edge of the dividers and watch the sea extend before you. You will additionally discover Kasbah Mosque, the Andalusian Gardens, and Oudaias Museum here all worth a look.

Complexe des Oulja

This probably will not be for everybody except for those who love art or anybody that is searching out real artistry you should visit. This was initially just potters yet at this point, there are various sorts of workshops in the complex – and it is huge! You will require a taxi to achieve this point even though it is not a long way from Rabat and ensure the cab sits tight for you since it is exceptionally elusive while returning.

Rabat Beaches

Indeed, Rabat is on the Atlantic Ocean and it has magnificent beaches! Temara and Skirat are two famous shoreline spots. In case you are a surfer and need waves that are more of a test Plage des Nations is the spot to go. Try not to expect perfect white sand shorelines and realize that most Moroccans would not consider contacting the water until the hotter long stretches of summer.

Mohamed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

We would state visiting here is an unquestionable requirement since it puts a very extraordinary light on Morocco and Moroccan workmanship. The structure itself is excellent and the whole display comparable to artistry historical centres in the remainder of the world. The one drawback is that the bulletins are all in Arabic or French so it might be hard to get the backdrop of the pieces. They likewise have visiting shows that incorporate works of Picasso and Goya.

National Zoo of Morocco

If have kids, you might need to visit the Rabat zoo. It is not as extravagant or also assembled as zoos that are more prominent yet it will allow you to see creatures local to Morocco and the more noteworthy African mainland.

Great Mosque of Sale

This noteworthy mosque was worked in the twelfth century and is the third biggest in Morocco. It has been devastated and remade many times since its unique development. A standout amongst the latest occasions was in 1851 when French powers made incredible harm to the mosque of Sale. It is not only famous as a religious landmark but also a social occasion point for the Moroccan patriot development in the 1930s in their arrangements to expel the French protectorate from power.

Sale Medina

This medina is not as extravagant as Marrakech or even Rabat, yet it is a true medina experience. This is a medina of the common labourers, it is not shined up for travelers and the vast majorities you will see are those approaching their everyday tasks. On the off chance that you would like to do some shopping, you will discover costs in Sale more sensible than most urban communities, even at adjacent Rabat.

The Mawazine Festival

Consistently the administration of Morocco organizes Mawazine, a massive music celebration acquiring probably the most well-known names in national and global music to Rabat to perform. A great many individuals visit and it is one of the biggest music celebrations on the planet. Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Kanye West, and Jennifer Lopez are only a couple of the significant names that have shown up on Mawazine stages. There are both free and ticketed shows; the expectation in doing this is to give stimulation to those of every single financial foundation particularly the individuals who would not most likely bear the cost of typical extravagant tickets to such occasions.

The Rabat day Trip from Casablanca organized by reputed tour operators makes it possible to have such experiences and visit the places of tourist interest having comfort and safety.

Places to stay in Rabat

When you intend to visit, know there are numerous alternatives for where to stay. As Rabat is the capital of the nation, there are multiple hotels suitable for business voyagers. Smaller hotels and riads are likewise accessible and may turn out to be a progressively moderate and valid approach to encounter the city.

Repose Riad

This is a favoured spot to remain in Rabat-Sale. The riad is entirely in the medina of Sale yet with access to taxis and the cable car that goes to Rabat. From the minute you stroll in you will feel like in a family and treated best during your stay. Each room of the riad has an alternate theme. You will like their supper menu. You can demand something extraordinary early also. Breakfast is MORE than enough and they make a special effort to oblige all your needs. Hope to book here first, and afterwards consider different alternatives on the off chance that they are full.

Sofitel Rabat

To the extent lodgings in Rabat go, this is one of the most pleasant – and generally costly. In any case, on the off chance that you are looking for an extravagance stay, at that point you cannot turn out badly with this. Close to the Royal Palace with more than 17 acres of patio nurseries and 3000 roses, the drifting aroma of roses will make your stay such increasingly sweet. You will be inside a short separation of Rabat’s real attractions or go through your day relaxing by the pool.

Villa Mandarine

No roses here, orange forest surround Villa Mandarine. There are just 31 rooms and five suites making a blend between a riad and boutique lodging. All rooms have their porch and all cabins have their private gardens so you can have contact with another guest as per your desire. They additionally have a superb restaurant blending Moroccan fixings and flavor with French and Mediterranean impacts.

Restaurants to eat in Rabat

There are quite a few restaurants in Rabat. Here we have said about some.

Yam al Sham

In case you are in Rabat simply make yourself a booking here first thing. The later you show up the less shot you will have of getting in, and you will more than likely have a hang tight for a seat. In addition to the fact that it is well known, the food is excellent. This is not Moroccan and you will not discover a tajine on the menu – it is Syrian and bona fide. There is nothing awful you can arrange except for try to begin off the dinner with the mezze, get mint lemonade, and additional space for a portion of the cakes for pastry.

Le Dhow

This restaurant might not have the absolute best food but rather it is a one of a kind encounter to eat on the boat. If you do not finish eating here, you can undoubtedly simply desire a beverage or treat on the ship.


If you desire to have exceptional French, food in a suitable environment is here. There are a few fish and sea fish dishes on the menu. The cost is on the higher end so order likewise. Reservations are a smart thought. You can have lunch also if you desire.

Al Marsa

In case you are searching for local seafood, this is a decent spot to begin. It is on the water and the perspectives add to the dinner. Do not anyway expect five star refined dishes instead anticipate Moroccan dishes. There are non-seafood dishes and the restaurant likewise serves wine.

Restaurant el Bahia

Locals will suggest this restaurant to you. They say this medina spot resembles a bistro outwardly, however inside you will locate an incredible, local menu. The grilled kabobs and briouats are their specialties.

Places to have the best shopping experience

Rabat gives captivating shopping knowledge. Being the capital of Morocco, this old city that flaunts a sublime history is overflowing with astonishing shops selling crafts, trinkets, floor coverings, flavors and a lot more things. Here is the rundown of some best markets to shop in Rabat.

Ensemble Artisanal

Ensemble Artisanal, situated in Old Medina, is a fixed value shop that sells an assortment of specialties. This market has been in place for many years and frequented by both local people and vacationers, who visit this spot for purchasing gifts and souvenirs. The shop is open from 9:30AM–12:30PM, 3–7PM and the address is Blvd Tariq al-Marsa, Rabat.


The medina of Rabat is an incredible shopping place. You can explore the market with no issue from businesspeople, which is a significant pleasant change from Tangier and Fes. Since large portions of the customers are local people in Medina, the costs are generally lower than in other places. Although there are for the most part domestic products in the market, strolling along the residents can be an energizing knowledge.

Rue Souk as Sabbat

Rue Souk as Sabbat is where you will discover a ton of little shops that offer melodic instruments, jellabahs, footwear, fashionable attire, adornments, and babouches. Ben Hamou Metloub is a well-known shop arranged at the intersection of Rue Bab Chellah that sells ornaments and trinkets. Various things sold here are gemstones, darbuka drums, fossils, kif funnels, tambourines, strolling sticks, and leather wallets. It is open from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM.

Rue des Consuls

Rue des Consuls, which is Rabat’s primary shopping road sells painstaking work from all pieces of Morocco, for example, Fassi earthenware and Marrakchi leatherwear, alongside privately made babouches, jellabahs, covers, and hued conceal lights. Rabat floor coverings, known for its fine quality, were generally made in workshops in the Kasbah and Medina. The opening hour is 9:30 am – 11:00 pm.

Marylene Bottero

On the side of Rue el Harrarine and Rue des Consuls is the little boutique of French potter Marylene Bottero. Her splendidly hued manifestations come in various structures, from tagines and teacups to bags of cloth and lampshades. Marilyn likewise leads inventive workshops for both children and grown-ups. The address is 19, Rue Ouled Bousbaa Rabat and the opening hour is 9 am – 6:00 pm.

Kasbah des Oudaïas

Kasbah des Oudaïas is located towards the finish of the Kasbah’s primary road. It is a captivating artisanship exhibition, inside which you will discover unique works of art from local artisans and photographers, just as a full scope of various size prints portraying regular day-to-day existence in Morocco. There is likewise an assortment of books and data booklets of coming social occasions.

So, now you know exactly what to visit, places to stay, to shop and eat in Rabat. The tours of the best tour operator Pure Morocco Tours & Travel will make it possible for you to explore and enjoy Rabat while having perfect comfort and safety. Call them dialing +212 537 699090 to book your place in the tour schedule.

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