The gluten free diet during the El Jadida Day Trip
El Jadida City tour

Voyaging abroad can appear to be overwhelming for the individuals who have unique dietary prerequisites or sensitivities. For individuals who pursue gluten or wheat-free diet, Morocco – with its staple food of bread and couscous – can appear to be especially testing. Try not to stress – you can appreciate an incredible El Jadida Day Trip with us at Pure Morocco Tours & Travel – even without eating wheat – in the event that you think of some as key pointers previously and amid your excursion.

The eating options you have

Moroccans ordinarily eat bread three times each day. It appears at first to be difficult to maintain a strategic distance from. In the event that you are staying in guesthouse or hotel, let them know about your dietary prerequisites. For breakfast, you could appreciate Moroccan beysara without the going with bread or a straightforward feast of squeezed orange, omelet and tea or espresso before leaving for our El Jadida One Day Tour. Either alternative is promptly accessible in Morocco in the mornings.

The sparkling stars of Moroccan food are the tajine and couscous. The first one resembles stews or hotpots, arranged on the stovetop or on a fire in a cone shaped formed dish, which is additionally called a tajine. You can have tajine during your El Jadida Day Trip with us. Commonly, they contain meat or fish in addition to vegetables or now and then dried natural products. Veggie lover can also enjoy these at common restaurants. A gathering of individuals generally eats them or a family, who overall dunk bread into the sauce and use it to scoop out the stew. In the event that you favor not to eat bread, request a fork or spoon.

Any couscous you find in the restaurant is more likely than not made of wheat. In any case, on the off chance that you are remaining in a riad guesthouse, you could ask for biz or tchicha or belboula. These are ideal options for you during your El Jadida Day Trip with us. Riad proprietors frequently utilize nearby women as cooks and they know all the best formulas!